What is AB5:

AB5 is a Homeless Bill of Rights that is being worked on in California.
Numerous laws infringe on poor people’s ability to exist in public space, to acquire housing, employment, and basic services, and to equal protection under the law. The California Homeless Bill of Rights is a response that can help alleviate poverty and and homelessness while protecting homeless people from discrimination and ensuring their right to privacy and to their personal property

What does AB5 do:

The Following rights of homeless people are enumerated in the bill:

  • The right to move freely in public spaces
  • Rest in public spaces
  • Have personal property in public space, and restitution for any property taken or destroyed
  • Share food in Public Spaces
  • Protection by law enforcement
  • Seek and income, including through recycling
  • Pray in public
  • Turn down offers of services based on one’s own judgment
  • Sleep in one’s car
  • Equal access to education for homeless schoolchildren and youth
  • Confidentiality in social service record

The law creates a right to sufficient health and hygiene centers available 24 hours a day, including bathrooms and showers

l forbids law enforcement from enforcing laws that prohibit sleeping, sitting, lying down, standing, eating, panhandling, or sharing food in public spaces (or in one’s car in a public space) unless that area:

  • Offers General Assistance for twelve months out of the year
  • and has an employment rate below 120% the Federal Average
  • and has a public housing wait list of fewer than 50 people
The Bill gives people the right to counsel -provided by the county- whenever the District Attorney is present in court to prosecute. (Currently, this does not happen with infraction cases.)
The Bill protects public employees from retaliation by their employer if they offer public resources to a homeless person.

We need this Bill because until we can find a home, adequate health care, and a job for everyone, we cannot keep criminalizing people because of their housing status.
If you are interested in helping get this Bill of Rights Passed:
Please let the author of the Bill, Tom Ammiano, know that you support him:
Tom Ammiano phone: 916-319-2017. fax: 916-319-2117.  wendy.hill@asm.ca.gov
And let the commitee members who get to choose if this bill gets to go on to be voted on that they should VOTE YES ON AB5!

♦Bob Wieckowski, Chair (D, Alameda, Santa Clara) phone: 916-319-2025.  fax: 916 319-2125.  kevin.baker@asm.ca.gov

♦ Donald P. Wagner – Vice Chair (R, Orange) phone: 916-319-2068.  fax: 916-319-2168.   matt.hedges@asm.ca.gov

♦ Luis A. Alejo (D, Monterey, Santa Clara) phone: 916-319-2039. fax: 916-319-2130.  tyler.bluckney@asm.ca.gov

♦ Ed Chau(D, LA) phone: 916-319-2049.  fax: 916-319-2149.  edmond.cheung@asm.ca.gov

♦ Roger Dickinson  (D, Sacramento, Yolo) phone: 916-319-2007.  fax: 916-319-2109.  elliot.cavnaugh@asm.ca.gov

♦ Cristina Garcia(D, LA) phone: 916-319-2058.  fax: 916-319-2158.  tim.reardon@asm.ca.gov

♦ Jeff Gorell, (R, Ventura County, LA County) phone: 916-319-2044. fax: 916-319-2144. samuel.chung@asm.ca.gov

♦ Brian Maienschein (R, San Diego) phone: 916-319-2077.  fax: 916-319-2177.  matthew.easley@asm.ca.gov

♦ Al Muratsuchi (D, LA) phone: 916-319-2066.  fax: 916-319-2166.  brett.williams@asm.ca.gov

♦ Mark Stone (D, Santa Cruz, Monterey) phone: 916-319-2029.  fax: 916-319-2129. rebecca.marcus@asm.ca.gov

For any other information or inquiries about The Homeless Bill of Rights AB5 please check out:  http://wraphome.org/ or go to their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Western-Regional-Advocacy-Project/167378429021?ref=ts&fref=ts

Thank you. Let’s get this Bill passed!